Field Trips
Entry 2- 18th July 2010.

Tonight we did some field research and went to see Toy Story (we get to have the best work field trips here at Zing Kidz!)… Hasn’t animation progressed to such an amazing extent? From the animation we grew up with (the timeless Aladdin, Lion King and Mermaid Ariel) to now - there is some astounding creativity going on at Disney, Pixar and others…. It does make me wonder what amazing things our kids are going to be doing, achieving and bringing to the world.

We love working with kids because they have such a fantastic imagination. They really see mermaids in the water, fairies in the garden and dragons in the sky…

It’s not only the kids’ imagination that we are impressed with. So many parents whose houses we visit have created the most spectacular party. Siana was Dorothy at a party recently and the mum had painted life-size standing cut outs of Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion and Glinda the good witch. She had made a yellow brick road spiraling out of a field of poppies in the lounge room. She created everything from scratch, she put so much love into it. Needless to say she created a real Oz atmosphere and the kids had a brilliant time.

We’re looking forward to a Mad Hatters Tea Party soon!



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