Click your heels and follow the yellow brick road to a Wizard of Oz Party


Send invitations that are made to look like the diplomas that the Wizard handed out to the characters. Simply print them out using a nice style of paper then roll them like a scroll. Tie a red ribbon around each one and hand them to your guests.


For costumes, The Wizard of Oz had many wonderful characters to choose from.

For Dorothy, where a blue and white chequered dress and carry a basket. Place a plush toy dog in the basket to use as Toto.

Other characters are easy to dress as also. Use foil and cardboard to dress as the Tin Man. Make the hat by using a metal funnel, or paint a plastic one silver.

A Scarecrow costume is easily made using raggy clothes and straw.

Think of other costumes like the lion, the wicked witch, Glinda, winged monkeys, Munchkins, people of Emerald City, and the Wizard himself.


Decorate the house in large bright flowers. Try making your own out of crepe paper, cardboard and paint, or you could maybe buy large Sunflowers and Poppies from a florist and fill the house with them.

Use cutout circles of Styrofoam and place them on sticks for large lollipops. You could make everything large and oversized, inviting guests to come as Munchkins.

Make a Yellow Brick Road that leads to the door by using sheets of paper or cardboard and paint. Simply paint it yellow then use brown paint to draw large squares making a pathway.

By the doorway, you can have fake witch’s legs sticking out from under the house. Simply take an old pair of striped stockings, or add the stripes onto white stockings yourself. Fill the stocking with newspaper and add the Ruby Slippers by taking a pair of shoes and using glue or spray-on adhesive on them then adding red glitter.

Give the house an Emerald City feel by using lots of green streamers and balloons.

I have been Glinda at one party where the very clever Mum, who is an artist, painted all the main characters in lifesize on board and had them standing to greet guests as they arrived.

Food Suggestions

Have a large table filled with bright, colourful lollies, candy and snacks. You could even hang lollies from fake plants along the walls.

Make Emerald City cupcakes and biscuits using bright green food dye.

Make a Ruby Red punch or Emerald City Green Juice.

Make cookies that are cut into the shape of slippers and decorate them with red icing and sprinkles.



- Have a witch piñata.

- Pin the ruby slippers on Dorothy






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