Entry 2- 18th July 2010

Magical Mermaid

Mermaids have been a really popular character recently. Mermaid Jade has been attending many –an – underwater party. One clever Mum and Dad had actually decorated an under the sea party room with crepe paper to make water, streamers for waves and they had cut out cardboard cutouts of painted fish hanging from the ceiling. For another underwater party a grandma had made 3 layered jellies (blue, green and purple) with lollie frogs inside – they looked sensational!! On Sunday a lovely mum made the most incredible cake. Oh I wish I had photos! It was an underwater castle… I was so impressed. Even though I have a real soft spot for home made DIY. There are some amazing cakes that the professional cake-makers are making. You could choose ANYTHING and these artists will create it…. I’ve definitely already picked my wedding cake for our upcoming do!



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