Weekday Party
Entry 3- 25th July 2010

The wonder of the weekday party! I love weekday parties because the party works at a more relaxed pace, whereas sometimes on weekends everyone has a million things to squeeze into their social schedule. For weekday parties we can even give you a free upgrade to have face painting! If you have a weekday party, you then have the weekend to yourself to relax. I went to a 5th birthday party on Wednesday where the Mum had decided to have a little dinner party for all her guests. It was very sweet, all the children were in their favourite party outfits at 5pm in the afternoon. This Mum realized that this wasn’t the ideal time to be serving an abundance of junk food.

Instead she served pasta with chicken meat balls, cut up vegetables with humus, cheese and fruit juice. The kids had a fabulous time with Princess Peace, being involved with the magic show and being on Coco the gorilla’s side when he plays loads of tricks on me! Because it was during the week I had a bit more leeway with time than on weekends, so after hyping the children up with all the silly antics and games, we then had time to make wishes and have storytelling. This way, parents didn’t have to peel their children off the ceiling right before bedtime.



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