Captain Ace and Fairy Blossom
Entry 4- 1st August 2010

Captain Ace and Fairy Blossom

On Saturday Captain Ace and Fairy Blossom entertained at a party that was for 3 siblings – who all shared the same birthday! Admittedly 2 of them were twins, but the little sister – same birthday 3 years apart! The double parties work just perfectly because whilst Fairy Blossom is face painting, Captain Ace plays games and goes on adventures with the guests. Also on Saturday, at a different party Captain Ace went to a party where the adults sang Samoan style happy birthday, all perfectly harmonized. He said the singing was just beautiful and moving. Meanwhile, I was amazed at the party I went to on Saturday morning, the fairy tale decorations these parents had created. They had put weeks into the decorating – and I have such a soft spot for home-made art and craft! They had Jack’s legs climbing up the beanstalk, magical trees made out of crepe paper hanging on the walls with butterflies everywhere. The party room looked truly spectacular! Special mention goes out to Sarah and Craig in Spotswood, the hosts for that party!



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