Pirate Party?

Captain Pirate Chippy with his friend Coco

Entry 5- 7th August 2010, updated 10th June 2011

Recipe for Pirate Pinwheels:
1. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on tortillas.
2. Top with a layer of cheese and vegetables.
3. Roll up and secure with tooth-picks.
4. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.
5. Cut into 1 inch slices before serving.
6. Garnish with masts made by gluing paper triangles to toothpicks.


Send invitations that are designed like a worn treasure map, giving directions to the party, marked with a large X.

You can give the invites a weather look by soaking the paper in tea and tearing the edges.


Hang a large pirate flag across the door, or you can hang one from a pole set outside the house.

When the guests arrive, have them enter the house along a gangway.

You can lay down planks that lead to the doorway or you can simply use cardboard and paint it to look like planks. Use small poles and rope to line the entrance as they’re making their way aboard.

Scatter blue cellophane along the walkway to make water. Make shark fins out of cardboard and have them rising from the water.

Food Suggestions

Paint a cardboard box to look like a treasure chest and fill it with goodies like chocolate coins, lollies and candy. Add to the look by scattering the top with fake jewels such as necklaces and toy rings.

Make small cocktail flags with a skull and cross bones to stick on the top of cupcakes. You could also decorate cupcakes by painting the Jolly Roger on them with icing.

Make chocolate rum balls and arrange them in a small pyramid. Set them up beside a fake canon to look like canon balls at the ready!

Games & Activities

A good old Treasure Hunt is perfect for a pirate party. Make a map of the backyard and hide treats for each guest at various points on the map, leading up to a large piñata where X marks the spot!

Make a piñata shaped like a treasure chest using a cardboard box and paper mache. Fill it with chocolate coins and treasure such as fake jewellery and toys.

Walking the Plank
Lay a plank upon the ground or try using cardboard that’s painted to look like a wooden plank.

You could set a blue tarpaulin or sheet beneath it to use as water.

Have the guests wear a blindfold and turn around several times before they have to walk the plank.

See who can get the furthest without falling off.



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