Interesting Themes:

I went to a wonderful birthday party a months weeks ago with a ladybird theme. It was nice to have such a different theme and the kids really got into it! There were many ladybird costumes (soooo cute!), a ladybird cake and we did lots of ladybird face painting of course…

Also a few weeks ago Cowboy Buddy and Cowgirl Pearl were invited to come to a farm party! I love it when the parents get dressed up in costumes as well – it really helps the atmosphere and the kids love it! You can bet our gorgeous rabbit was popular there!!! 

Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter have been invited to a “high tea party”. The children were dressed quite formally, and the menu was wonderful and presented so beautifully. Club sandwiches wrapped in ribbon, lots of different little cupcakes, scones jam and cream and of course all sorts of teas – iced fruity teas with frozen raspberries inside – yum!

Princess Azziza has been very popular for Bollywood themes, Egyptian themes and even Hawaiin themes (the possibilities are endless!).

I must say I am so impressed with the extent parents go to with the parties to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Other Theme Ideas:

Outerspace Party – with “Giant Leap” the Astronaut

Racing Car Party – with “Zippy” the Racing Car Driver

Beach Party – with Mermaid Jade, Pirate Chippy or Pirate Ruby

Knights and Princesses Party – Princess Peace or Sir Laugh-A-Lot

Circus Carnival Party – with Snowpea or Pickles the Clown, or Spinny Dazzler

Egyptian Desert Party – with Princess Azziza

Bollywood Party – with Princess Azziza

“What I want to be when I grow up” Party – pick any character you wish!

Halloween/Spooky Party – with Wizard Silvernose, Melva the Witch or Val the Vampire

Superhero Party – with Captain Ace, Zing Power Girl or iconic superheroes

 Olympics Party – Have a Zing Kidz character run our popular “Zing Kidz Action Game Show” with over 30 games and competitions!

Pirate Party - with Pirate Ruby or Pirate Chippy

Under the Sea Party - with Mermaid Jade

Wild Wild West Party - with Cowboy Buddy and Cowgirl Pearl

Wizard of Oz Party - with Dorothy or Tin Man

Fairy Party with Fairy Blossom


I will be going into more details with ideas for each of these parties in other entries.


What are some other interesting themes can YOU think of?







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