Woweee we have been so amazed by the cakes we have seen lately! It is just extraordinary! I’m often impressed by the cakes that some professional companies have made, but often Mum’s have made some absolutely amazing cakes. It has definitely made me tempted to do a cake-decorating course – just for fun! Perhaps you could do a cake-decorating course to decorate cakes for your kids and loved ones, and teach your kids how to decorate as they grow older – who knows you may even find a new passion and stream of revenue! There are also some fabulous books around – even in newsagents with many ideas to suit your theme…


Check out these pictures for more details:


The Amazing Palace; made by Eadie and Lucinda's Nonna!

Palace Cake



 Ladybug Cake;

Ladybug cake


Pirate Cake;

Pirate cake


 The Animal Party Cake;

Animal Party Cake


 4th Birthday Cake;

4th Birthday Cake


The amazing Witch Cake;

Witch Cake


 Winnie Cake;

Winnie Cake


Circus Cake;

Circus Cake


We hope you were inspired by these woderful cakes. Till next time in magic land...



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