Spooky Parties

Melva the Witch and Wizard Silvernose are very popular for spooky parties – and not just over Halloween… Following are some photos of some spooky parties and some ideas.


Big credit goes to Mum Marie, who made a fabulous menu for the kids (including home made witches finger biscuits), green jelly with snakes inside and bats of toothpicks, ordered an absolutely amazing professional cake, had fantastic decorations everywhere but also the whole family dressed up – which always adds extra sparkle to the atmosphere.


Another big credit goes to Mum Nancy who actually made purple sparkly witches capes for all her daughter’s guests, and bought all of them a special witches hat as well (that you could find from $2 stores) – you can bet the kids absolutely loved it and felt very lucky to be invited to this party!


Decorations for a Spooky Atmosphere:

-       Dim the lights and fill the house with spooky decorations. A joke or novelty shop can provide you with many decorations such as fake skeletons, rubber bats and cobwebs.

-       A fun way to make your own bats would be to use black balloons. You can cut out wings to tape to the sides and hang them from the ceiling.

  • The invites could be spider webs attached to rubber spiders cut outs of a witche’s hat.
  • Green table cloths with plastic spiders, and a candelabra.
  • Cotton wool to make cobwebs
  • Cut out cardboard broom sticks hanging from the roof.  

Menu ideas to eat strange, gruesome and disgusting foods you can’t serve any other time.
- Boiled eggs can be Dragon’s eyes
- Chicken wings can be Frog Legs
- Frankfurts can be Fingers
- Walnuts can be Lizard Brains

- A blood red punch would be perfect for all the guests. You could surround the punch bowl with dry ice so it looks like a bubbling cauldron.

- Tomato soup makes great 'blood'
- Stuff lychees with red grapes to make creepy eyeballs
- Worms in dirt: put some worm lollies into cups of milo.
- Put sultanas into drinks to make bugs

- Screaming ghostly biscuits. Take a packet of milk arrowroot biscuits. Cover with white icing, then make eyes out of smarties, and mouths out of halved jellybeans (black or red).

- Fairy floss could be cobwebs

- Spider lollies in green jelly


Birthday Cake:
- Ghost cake, with white icing, cut into the shape of a ghost, using lollies to create the face. Either home-made or order professional cake.

Party games can be given a spooky twist before the Melva the Witch, Wizard Silvernose or Val the Vampire Arrives:
- Mummy Wrapping: divide guests into teams and have them wrap one member in
toilet paper. First to finish their roll without breaking it wins.

- Pin the Hat on the witch: variation of 'Pin the tail on the donkey'

- Ghost or witch Pinata

- Witch’s Brew
- Have a treasure hunt with a twist by hiding creepy toys about the house and yard such as fake spiders, rubber worms and so on.




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