Bunny Rabbits


Whenever we are at parties, guests fall in love with our rabbits! Parents and kids alike can’t get enough of patting and cuddling our gorgeous rabbits. Once when I was face painting I turned back and couldn’t see my rabbit, thinking he must have jumped out we all went looking for him. Down the other end of the house we found a Mum holding Cookie the rabbit and saying “What rabbit?” hehe!

Many parents and kids have asked us if we breed rabbits – well the good news is we are finally… So if you would like one of Ginger and Cookie’s gorgeous, good-natured, hand raised rabbits simply call us or flick us an email. They are low maintenance and are wonderful pets and bring a lot of joy. They  love to cuddle and funny to watch as well - having their little adventures. You can buy just the bunny from us, or get the whole kit – the 2 story hutch, playpen, hay, pellets, and water bowl + the bunny rabbits of course! Rabbits are only available once they are 8 weeks old.

Here are some of our Bunny Rabbits:

Ginger Lee:

Bunny Rabbit


Lucy Lu:

Bunny Rabbit




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