Fairy Blossom:
Fairy Blossom is a delightful and very magical fairy. It is her job in Springtime to wake up all the flowers, paint butterfly wings, teach birds how to sing and show the bees how to fly. However there are some cheeky pixies always playing tricks on her and it is up to the kids to use their magical fingertips and make things right again.
Mermaid Jade
Mermaid Jade loves being invited to birthday parties because she can grow some legs for just a few hours and explore the land. It is Jade's job to protect the dolphins, whales and coral. However there are some cheeky little lobsters always making mischief, and Jade will need the help of the children to do magic and fix everything right again.
Princess Peace or your favorite story book princesses
Princess Peace lives in the Kingdom of Magicland and she rules the kingdom with love and kindness. She is sometimes a silly princess and can forget many things including her own name!! It is up to the children to help her remember the spells, her name and how to count to set things straight...

Wizard Silvernose
Wizard Silvernose is a wizard in training and is trying to do all sorts of magic that he is learning in magic school. But he has a hard time remembering all his magical spells and will need the kids' help with their magical powers.

Zing Power Girl
This heroic and brave superhero is always trying to save the day. Sometimes she succeeds and stops the baddies from polluting the whole world! Other times however, when trying to save a cat in a tree – she can get stuck there herself!
Melva the Witch - Melva is the good witch from Magicland. She has studied at Magic school for 435 years but still can't seem to get her potions right! With the birthday star's extra magic, Melva will be able to do all her magical homework - much to the delight of all your guests!
Pickles and Snowpea are the silliest clowns in clown land! Only when children do magical spells on them are they able to juggle or do any of their magic. They're not a white-faced 'scary clown' but rather funky fun characters. Kids adore them!
Captain Ace 
Mr Infinity is an endearing super hero who loves helping people and saving the world from the bad guys in his super silly way. Unfortunately while doing so, he gets himself into a pickle and children will need to help him out of it.

King Tonky the First
King Tonky Rules the land with kindness and care. Although he tries to be wise and courageous, he is scared of mice and lollies and is a very forgetful King.

Sir Laugh-a-lot
This brave knight was renamed by the King of Jollyland for his extraordinary talents in making people laugh. He is famous throughout Jollyland for saving his people not by slaying dragons, but by making friends with them.

Pirate Captain Chippy
This pirate comes from the heart of the Caribbean straight to you. He has captivating stories of his adventures sailing the seven seas with his crew including Pongy the Pirate and Captain Rumbelly. He has treasure maps to follow and amazing magic he has learned in far off distant lands.

Dorothy, Spider Hero, Snow Princess and many other popular Super heros and story book princesses to choose from - Enquire within. 


Watch Captain Ace and Fairy Blossom try to save Springtime from the Baddies and end up getting themselves in a serious pickle. Will they escape and save the world from a never-ending winter using true bravery and magic?
Pirate Captain Chippy and Mermaid Jade have an amazing double act perfect for underwater or magical themes. Captain Chippy is a very silly pirate who likes to play tricks on Mermaid Jade. This show is about the value of friendship.
Pickles and Snowpea
These clowns are the silliest, most whimsy clowns in all of clownland. This show is full of magic and highly visual comedy routines, juggling and other tricks to entertain young and old.
King Tonky and Princess Peace watch over Magicland to make sure everyone is happy and peaceful. Your guests will giggle and squeal watching Tonky and Peace play tricks on eachother whilst trying to perform magic - the silliest royalty you have ever seen!
Melva the Witch and Wizard Silvernose absolutely LOVE magic. They study together at magic school and want to show the children what they have been learning. However things don't go quite as they had planned, and they will need the help of the birthday star and all their guests to wiggle their magical fingers and make their magic work!


Roving Entertainment is a great option for large events.
Any of the Zing Characters can be booked to greet and entertain your guests. Zing Characters will create a magical atmosphere and ensure that it will be a memorable event. Zing Characters bring along a box of surprises that will even your oldest guests! Zing's roving entertainment is highly interactive and includes many opportunities for wonderful photos.

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